Baby's Best Friend
"I want my BB"
The idea for Baby's Best Friend came after the birth of my youngest son. For many babies, losing a
pacifier at night means tears for baby and no sleep for Mommy and Daddy. This is especially true for
younger babies and children dealing with illness, as my little Harrison did. But with the pacifier attached
to a cuddly stuffed animal, it was easy for Harrison to find it on his own! Easy for moms to find too!

The placement of the ring on the back of the stuffed animal's head was my original design to give the
baby easy breathing and the p
erfect grasp of the toy. The pliable plastic ring was designed for the
pacifier to insert vertically, tipping to catch the edge and turn horizontal to lock in. It
was designed to
work with the MAM pacifier, one of the top pacifiers sold.
These pictures show my son Harrison with his various stuffed toys and the idea for Baby's Best Friend is
born. He is a twin with my Ava pictured above. We did not leave the house without his pacifier toy
Harrison had various issues to start; a staph infection lead to illness in the NICU and 3 months
hospitalization. Low tone and a feeding tube became a part of our life for three years.

Harrison is 9 years old now and gave up his pacifier at 3.
Since the pacifier can come off the monkey, it is the
perfect way to wean your child at the right time.
The BBF was designed for all babies at the stage when they can reach and grab, around 4-5 months. It is
completely safe.
It can be washed over and over in your everyday wash load, and thrown in the dryer.

There are similar items, but only one cute monkey with it's unique design to become your 'Baby's Best