Baby's Best Friend is the
perfect pacifier holder for
both baby and mom. It brings
comfort to the grasp of little
hands. A soft stuffed monkey
with a special ring sewn on;
allowing your baby's pacifier to
snap on and off easily.
The first, original and safe
design that really works.
There are similar items, but
only one cute monkey with it's
unique design to become your
'Baby's Best Friend'.

Baby's Best Friend makes the transition easy for your child from the first pacifier, to the
next, to no pacifier...the soft monkey continuing to bring comfort to your baby.
Your baby will love it!!
Over a thousand happy customers.
Baby's Best Friend
"I want my BB"
Designed for all MAM
pacifiers. $24 for
Baby's Best Friend
complete with free
MAM pacifier
Featured in PREGNANCY & newborn 2008
as something darling for your little darling.
I am amazed at how my 2 year old son took to this and is now
transitioning from having a binkie all day to just nap and night
My husband was highly impressed and grateful.  
Thank you for the assistance on this!  
Liam now sleeps like this!! When
we first got the BBF he was only 3
months old. I cannot tell you how
much this item has saved me as
we searched for paci. No search
now! The monkey stays in the
room and roaming paci's go
around the house.
My 5 month old has LOVED his BBF since he was introduced to
it at 2.5 months! I just bought one for a girlfriend and I plan on
ordering one for every baby shower I attend. They are the best!
Thanks for the great craftsmanship and wonderful product that
my son loves!!