Baby's Best Friend
"I want my BB"
I actually found your website over a
year ago when I was looking for a
passi holder for my daughter who
is now 2. (She has a pink one I
bought then) I now have a 6 month
old son and he needs his own. My
daughter Noelle sleeps with hers
I heard about BBF through my friend  
who lives in Tampa, FL.  She visited a
local store in your area that carried the
BBF monkey and bought it for her
daughter.  I saw it in a picture and just
loved it!!!
I used to work with someone who
gave me a BBFfor my baby
shower. It is now my daughter's
best friend, at 11 mos old and it's
time to get a back up. :)
I purchased a BBF Toy last month. My
pediatrician's office wouldn't let me out the
door till all the nursing staff had seen it!
Thank you for your very intuitive idea
Congratulations on a beautiful,
well-made and EXTREMELY
effective toy. I got both monkeys
(pink and brown) and absolutely
fell in love with them as soon as I
opened the package  (which
arrived in only 2 business days).  
You get the "small family
business" treatment, and the
great feeling that this product
was created with lots of love (as it
was created for your own
children) and only the best
materials. Thank you for sharing
your solution to  every mom's
I have been wanting to
order this for my baby who
is now 7months old for the
longest time and just didn't
get a chance to. But now I
can and am also ordering
one for a friend who is
having her baby shower
next week. This is such a
unique idea and I am glad
I found them.
You have created a fantastic product! I
received it as a gift at my baby shower
and my five month old has really
become attached to it. It is the perfect
size and since my son likes to sleep on
his side, it is the perfect height to stay in
his mouth. It is also easy for him to find
in case it falls out.